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The Story Of

Martin Thomas

A famed preacher who refused to reveal why he plead guilty to a murder while working as the minister of a Kansas City Church. And although it cost him his family, Martin single handedly changed the violent culture of Indiana State Prison while serving his 23 year sentence.

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Three years ago, Pastor Martin Thomas was released from Indiana State Prison after serving a 23 year sentence...for murder. Twenty six years ago Martin found himself before a judge accepting a guilty plea for taking the life of another man. He told no one what happened that night. Not the prosecution, his lawyer, not even his wife and children. But now, Martin is ready to share his story with the world.  


Martin was raised in a Christian home and in his early twenties found himself as the minister of the Kansas City Church of Christ, but after 22 years his heart was being pulled in another direction so he quit. At the time, Martin was married and had 5 boys, all who were incredible vocalists and went on to sign with Clive Davis’s Artista Records. Martin went on to manage his sons’ singing careers and he finally felt like he found his purpose. But in 1996, just weeks after Martin’s arrest, his sons who were set to go on tour with Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton and Babyface, were immediately dropped from the label after Mr. Davis found out of the evil crime Martin had committed. Martin and his sons’ dreams were ruined. This left a great strain on the strong bond they once had. During Martin’s 23 years in prison he never saw his sons and he and his wife eventually divorced. 

The day of Martin's release from prison he was remarried his now wife Carolyn, and together they run Foresight For-givers Foundation, a Christian ministry whose mission is to assist those who have been incarcerated in rebuilding their lives and ultimately ending recidivism. One of their ministry's biggest effort includes running faith based transitional homes in Indiana, (one of which can hold up to 16 men) for male ex-convicts on parole. Upon release most of these men have no resources and nowhere to go, leaving them feeling lost in the world while others wait for them to fail and return to prison. The foundation provides housing, food and counsel to support these outcasted men in transitioning back into the world.

Shirley is wildly passionate about telling Martin's story and actively seeking funds and resources to bring it to life!

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