Shirley Vernae Williams is an Emmy-Nominated New York-based Super Producer and Connecticut native. She has overseen many groundbreaking television series such as History Channel’s “Alone” and “American Restoration”. In 2017 she post produced the documentary film "Intent To Destroy" with award winning Director Joe Berlinger which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival. "Intent To Destroy" was recently nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Historical Documentary. Shirley is currently a Supervising Producer for Refinery29 and has produced various series for them in the past including "Shady" and "Anomaly" which generated millions of online views. She has worked with companies such as VaynerMedia and Public Record TV, producing content for multiple brands such as Comcast, Shell, Budweiser, Cadillac, Stella and many more. This year she has produced eight short films for the New York Times and a documentary for the Annenberg Space Of Photography. 


Shirley owns and operates Willie B. Productions, a production company focusing on film, television and digital content. Willie B. Productions is currently fundraising for a full-length documentary based on the story of Pastor Martin Thomas who spent 23 years in prison after committing a heinous murder and now has found a new ministry two years after his release as he works to rebuild his life.

Shirley loves fitness and travel, worship, and spending time with family and friends.

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