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Shirley Vernae Williams is an embodiment of storytelling passion, having worked in in media and entertainment for over a decade. With a directorial and producer journey spanning 11+ years, she radiates as the heart behind her brainchild, Willie B. Studios. She's produced over 140+ hours of television for major networks, produced and directed over 32 branded series and 24 one offs for brands like Cadillac, CDC, Ikea, and Ritz. She was also one of the leading producers to help launch Refinery29's 'Unbothered' for Black women - now a multi-million dollar brand. Shirley's brilliance has garnered Adweek awards, an Emmy nod, and over 82+ million content views. Shirley Vernae Williams is where storytelling kindles, innovation reigns, and an indomitable spirit uplifts the creative realm.

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